But when I came to play at UConn [in 2008], Kalana Greene was wearing it. And Maya Moore was wearing 23, which would have been my logical second choice. But my best friend growing up was Meredith Ward [who played at Holy Cross] and she wore 21 in high school and AAU.

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wholesale nfl jerseys from china He remains such a grounded character, however, that after spending last weekend back in Hawick he took his Glasgow training kit with him to Murrayfield on Sunday in case he was not selected for Scotland and had to return to his club. That was never going to happen after he came off the bench in the Millennium Stadium and helped to spearhead Scotland’s fine last quarter. In fact, he would have been credited with ending the long wait for a Scotland try had referee Romain Poite used the television match official to rule on a score, instead of instinctively, and wrongly, ruling it out, but he also then helped to set up the chance for Greig Laidlaw to score wholesale nfl jerseys from china.

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