People involved in the Muppets franchise Jim Henson Frank Oz Muppet PerformersThe Muppet Show cast include:Kermit the FrogPerpetual Straight Man / Only Sane Amphibian and leader of the motley crewMiss PiggyKermit’s Love Interest with Tsundere like tendeciesFozzie BearResident jokester and Kermit’s second in commandThe Great GonzoStuntman extraordinaire and eternal Butt MonkeyScooterThe Everyman and “gofer” of the groupRizzo The RatDeadpan Snarker and Gonzo’s best friendSam the EagleUber patriot and the “Stop Having Fun” Guy of the groupDr. Bunsen HoneydewGadgeteer Genius Ditz who runs Muppet LabsBeakerHoneydew’s Unintelligible assistant and Chew ToyStatler and WaldorfTwo old men who exist solely to heckle the other cast membersDr. Teeth and the Electric MayhemThe Muppets’ ’70s Rock Roll band, featuring Animal on drumsRowlf the DogExpert pianist and all around nice guyThe Swedish ChefA chef who speaks solely in Swedish like gibberish.

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